Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Gethmann Construction offers specialty contracting solutions to allow your project to be completed safely and efficiently. These specialty services required specific training and techniques to be completed properly. Trust our highly trained employees for any of your specialty needs seen below. 


Core Drilling

Core drilling is a process that utilizes a hollow drill bit to bore holes through a vertical or horizontal surface. This can create a circular opening for plumbing, structural, electrical, and more. Core drill bits are available in various diameters from 1/2" to 26"+. Core drilling can be done through various surfaces including those with reinforcing. The perimeter of the hole is cut leaving a "core" that is removed from the center, this process is able to be completed faster than removing all material inside the area. Remote-controlled core drilling is available.


Openings For Surfaces

· Floor Drains

· Electrical/Data Conduits

· HVAC Openings

· Sprinkler/Water Piping

· Handrail & Anchor Bolts

· Material Analysis

· Concrete

· Reinforced Concrete

· Masonry

· Brick

· Stone

· Asphalt


Remote Saw Cutting

Remote saw cutting provide a safe way to saw cut through various surfaces. This saw is mounted on a track on either a vertical or horizontal surface and is controlled through a wireless remote so the operator can stay back a safe distance. Our electric saw can be precisely tuned to control speed and depth, and can cut up to 29" deep.