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Gethmann Construction Services

Our Areas of Expertise


We offer a wide range of services provided by seasoned professionals in each trade. No matter whether you need one type of service or a complete package for your project, we can provide you with a safe and quality solution.


We offer a wide variety of industrial concrete services. Some of these services are:

  • ·         Foundations
  • ·         Poured Walls
  • ·         Piers
  • ·         Flatwork


  • ·         Concrete Repair
  • ·         Retaining Walls
  • ·         Elevated Slabs
  • ·         Grouting 


 Properly installed underground utilities can make sure that your project is supplied with everything needed to ensure the end user has a properly functioning building. Gethmann can provide you with utility services for:


 - Processed Waste and Sanitary Sewer

 - Storm Sewer

 - Water Lines

 - Effluent Lines

 - Duct Bank

 - Hydro Excavation


 Some projects require specialized tasks to be performed to get the job done. We can provide the right equipment and trained operators to get them completed safely.

              - Core Drilling

              - Remote Concrete Saw Cutting


Plant Maintenance

Gethmann offers support services to ensure your site is maintained and kept top-notch at all times. Some of the plant maintenance services we provide are:
Shutdown/Outage Support
- 24/7 service



Demolition work can involve many complex scenarios, trust our team to put dedicated planning in place for your demolition needs.





Earthwork is the foundation of any successful project, trust Gethmann's professional site development team to get your project started right.



Mass Excavations Site Grading Soil Remediation
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Erosion Control Foundation Excavations
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Gethmann Construction is fully equipped to provide the crane services needed to complete your project on time. With a fleet of various-sized cranes available, experienced operators and riggers, and the ability to develop a thorough plan before the lift, we should be your first choice for industrial crane services in the midwest. Have an operator but need a crane? We offer the rental of our crane equipment to approved contractors for their use with their own operators.


Equipment Rental

We are good at

Gethman Construction does not only build long lasting facilities, we build long lasting relationships.

Construction Management 96%
20% Complete
Crane Work 93%
40% Complete (success)
Avoidance of delays, changes and disputes 87%
60% Complete (warning)
Facilities Maintenance 82%
80% Complete